Welcome to Storm Studios


I'm Chris Gale the owner of Storm Studios and a commercial photographer based in Tonbridge, Kent. Through my years of experience I have built up a wealth of knowledge and technical know-how. I am able to provide on site photography or utilise my own studio space to capture products, food, people or custom built scene sets. 

Working as a photographer has given me the opportunity to shoot both in the UK and abroad, across multiple disciplines including advertising and the commercial sector. 

"In the early days, prior to turning digital back in 1999, I shot on film -
which is something that has given me raw skills that I still use in my photography today"

I am also an ambassador for Phase One Cameras and I've won a European Digital award for Photography. 


"I have always had
a passion for photography,
and have been lucky enough to have a professional career as a photographer spanning over 20 years."


My Studio & Equipment

My Studio
1500sqft drive in studio.
The facilities include; 30ft infinity cove, along with 2 adjustable reflective floating ceiling flats.

My Cameras
The studio benefits from the use of Phase One, Hasselblad and Nikon cameras.
Able to cover any application, from high quality detail imagery through to room set and
large billboard photography.

The Lighting
The studio has wide range of high quality ‘Broncolor' flash lighting options. 
These include;  2.4 metre Para reflector, 2 x1.2 metre cumulate ,hazylight, focusing spots and various other lights, stands and clamping systems

Other Facilities
Along with the photographic facilities, Storm has a fully equipped kitchen and a comprehensive in house set building.